Monday, July 11, 2011

Maryland - a pro-war state.

All of the Maryland Representatives, except for John Sarbanes (MD district 3), voted to pass this bill, authorizing full funding for the Department of Defense, including an increase over last year's budget.

Now, I typically vote Republican, so I'm generally pro-DOD. But America's deficit has been getting out of hand. I recognize the need to make some cuts. We had to cut the shuttle program, and that's a damn shame. We may be cutting the next generation Hubble telescope. Also a damn shame, but in times of budget crisis, I guess some things have to go and NASA had to take some hits.

So why did we increase the DOD's budget? Did we seriously scrap the space shuttle just to make room for more Department of Defense spending? Could we not maybe find a few billion to cut out there? I'd like to see cuts in big spending entitlement programs like Medicare and Medicaid too, and I was willing to see cuts in DOD spending as well. Everyone's gotta give a little, right?

Apparently not.

If you wanted any proof that the defense industry is out of control with spending, look no further than Donna Edwards: staunch Democrat, supposedly a liberal, yet even she can't resist voting YES to more war machines.

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